Motor Check
Motorcheck, Car Registration and inspection Center is a Rafid Automotive Solutions company, provides the most comprehensive vehicle condition report in the industry. Founded by automotive professionals with decades of experience, Motorcheck is fully transparent, industry accredited, and provides best in class testing services. Motorcheck, in association with RTA, also offers customers with vehicle registration and renewal services.
AutoXpress - Service Center in Sharjah is a one-stop solution for all automotive-related services, we offer world-class car service and maintenance at our state of the art workshop in Sharjah. At AutoXpress we also offer the best mobile car workshop service in Sharjah where you can request a mobile technician to service your vehicle at your house. Some of our services include brake maintenance, oil changes, exhaust pipe repairs, and comprehensive solutions with the assistance of an ASE and AQI-certified team of technicians.
Rafid Accident Department
The Rafid Accident Department is a dedicated service provided to the residents of Sharjah to survey the scene of a minor traffic accident which needs to be accurately reported and submitted - covering all possible legal aspects while doing so.
Rafid Roadside Assistance
Rafid Roadside Assistance is an active on-road service that offers residents fueling, tyre, and battery change assistance in case of roadside emergencies. The exclusive service is equipped with towing trucks and can be accessed through the Rafid app. It provides all types of mechanical and technical support to stranded customers anywhere in the UAE.