About Us

Rafid is a company owned by Sharjah Asset Management Company, the investment arm of Sharjah government. Rafid was founded in 2017 and offers a wide range of automotive services. Delivering car buyers and owners a comprehensive set of 360° automotive services helping with everything from minor vehicle accident reporting, repairs, maintenance, car wash & detailing, inspection, and registration renewal is what we’re all about.

Rafid’s four independent arms offer complete automotive solutions:

  • AutoXpress – Your one-stop shop for all your vehicle service and maintenance needs, managed by ASE & IMI certified technicians. 

  • Motorcheck – Your vehicle inspection and registration Centre.

  • Rafid Accident Department – Your dedicated unit for managing minor accidents and traffic incidents in Sharjah. 

  • Roadside Assistance – Your 24/7 roadside emergency services provider.


With a core management team of innovators, we aim to create solutions as a way of life. Drawing inspiration and motivation from across the globe, we work to implement world-class procedures and provide the best automotive solutions in the market for all of our customers. 

Offering a wide range of services and innovative solutions, we have introduced the updated Rafid Application an all-in-one platform for all your automotive needs. Boasting a fresh, modern design in line with current trends, the updated application offers user-friendly features, greater integration and flexibility, and a comprehensive new range of services.


Rafid Vision Vision

To be the benchmark industry provider and provide our customers with innovative, competitive automotive solutions at the highest quality level.

Rafid Vision Mission

We aspire to be the innovative and reliable automotive solutions provider offering our valued customers the highest quality of services. This will be achieved through our strategic partnerships, dedicated team of professionals and industry experts, and utilizing the latest automotive technologies. We always continue to increase our operations, develop and activate goals that are in line with our strategic initiatives. Our overarching aim is to offer our customers a seamless experience by providing a 360-degree service solution through our business units: AutoXpress, Motor Check, Rafid Accident Department, and Roadside Assistance.

Rafid Vision Our Values

• High Quality

• Teamwork

• Integrity  

• Ethical   

• Innovation